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Do I need a deer hunting license?
No! A deer hunting license is included with hunt packages.

Is food and lodging included in the deer hunt package?
Yes! Food and lodging are included in most deer hunt packages.

What is the cost of a deer hunt?
Click on the Menu button on the top left corner of this page, click on hunt packages, then select your deer hunt package.

Will I leave without a deer?
No. We guarantee 100% success kill rate.

Do I field dress my deer?
The hunting guide will field dress your buck unless you want to do it yourself.

What do I need to bring?
Rifle & ammo, binoculars, camo clothing, large cooler, camera.

What if I shoot the wrong buck?
This is highly unlikely as you will be partnered with a professional hunting guide.

Do I tip the hunting guide or is that included?
Most deer hunters will tip their guide as it is not included in any deer hunt package.

Who scores my buck?
You can help the hunting guide when it's time to measure for an accurate total score. We use S.C.I.

Does the deer ranch process my kills?
No! We have a butcher nearby who will do that at your cost.

What happens if I shoot a smaller buck?
You pay the smaller hunt package price for that size deer rack.

Which Michigan airport should I fly into and rent a car?

Do I need to put down a deposit to secure a deer hunt?
Most deer hunts require a $500 deposit.

When do I pay for my deer?
Half down payment is required when you arrive at the deer ranch. Your deposit can be used towards this amount and pay the balance of your hunt after we measure your deer rack.

What can I use for payment?
Cash, personal check, MasterCard or Visa credit cards

How large of a wooded area in on the deer ranch?
200+ acres of rolling hard woods with thick cover, a stream, several ponds and lush food plots scattered throughout the property.

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